Learn German through stories and texts

Are you tired of boring textbooks and apps that teach you senseless sentences? Are you looking for materials that do not only teach you the language but also the culture? 

 With our books and magazines, you can study German in a fun and brain-friendly way while learning interesting facts about the culture, customs, history, and geography of the German-speaking countries. 

What you can find here:

1. Books for beginners and intermediate students:

2. Magazines with interesting articles about the German-speaking countries


3. Blog articles with free learning resources and tips for language learners:

Why I quit social media

Why I quit social media This is a personal article because I would like to explain why I kind of ...
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

10 facts about Goethe you didn’t know

10 FAKTEN Über Johann Wolfgang von Goethe You probably know the Goethe-Institut where you can learn German and get a certificate ...
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Karina hat eine Mission - Sample Chapter

Karina hat eine Mission – Sample Chapter

Karina hat eine Mission - Sample Chapter Karina Hansen, a young biologist from Munich, is the main character of this ...
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Warten auf Weihnachten: Die Adventszeit In this text, you will learn about the "Adventszeit", the four weeks before Christmas. What ...
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beim friseur

Harumi und Marta gehen zum Friseur

German dialogue for Beginners Marta und Harumi gehen zum FRiseur Marta and her Japanese friend Harumi need a haircut and ...
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Beim Friseur

Beim Friseur

German Vocabulary - Beim Friseur Vocabulary is essential to express yourself in your new language. With our short texts and ...
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Hi, I'm Daniela

I’m the founder of Learn German with Stories. Born and raised in Germany, I’ve also lived in various other countries such as Brazil, Hungary, Portugal and Peru. I create materials and digital products that I would like to use myself. You will like my texts and stories if you’re an independent language learner who is looking for complementary materials to a textbook or comprehensive online course you’re using to learn German. I’ve been teaching online since 2012 and saw that students who take action instead of just depending on the teacher make faster progress. Live lessons with a teacher are great to improve your speaking practice (and I do encourage you to take lessons or find a language exchange partner) but daily exposure to the language by reading and listening is just as important. Make German a part of your life by choosing materials that you love and that are suited for your level. That’s what I do with my target languages and what helps me to become fluent while enjoying the process. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Very impressed with this book

I have been refreshing my college German, and advancing my comprehension and vocabulary level through online readers, books, movies etc. for 2 years. I am happy to recommend this author as one of the best sources for using this method for the level indicated. The story is interesting. The vocabulary used is “real life”. The quizzes, “new words” and cultural insights are very helpful. I enjoy the pictures of places mentioned and the clarification of similar sounding word choices for correct usage. This was a well thought out book and worth getting.

Veronica Sackevich, USA

My favourite source for learning German

The stories are concise and have a mixture of themes, some describe everyday life while the stories have interesting plots. I look forward to reading the stories and never feel overwhelmed by the content, despite being a beginner. Learning the vocabulary and grammar in the stories is made simple by the helpful bite-sized comments

Stuart Parkins, United Kingdom


I discovered Learn German with Stories through one of its books on amazon this summer (Ein Sommer in Heidelberg) and I’m grateful for that cause it was the first time I was able to read a book in German, and on top of that I really enjoyed the plot. Since then I started reading other books from Daniela and also some of her short stories in the subscriber’s library, now I’m waiting for the next magazine to finally see how’s that!

Martina Kolajová, Italy