Improve your German through reading

Learn German with stories
  • Pick up new words and structures without effort
  • Learn in a brain-friendly way
  • Interesting and engaging stories for your level
  • Natural dialogues
  • Easy-to-follow narratives
  • Learn about German culture as part of the story
  • Vocabulary help and grammar hints included
  • Comprehension exercises at the end of each chapter
  • Available as paperbacks, kindle ebooks, PDFs (free audio recordings included)

What are graded readers and why should you use them?

Graded readers are books for language learners, either a selection of short stories or a novel. They are written with a limited grammatical and lexical complexity and avoid too many different characters and a plot which consists of multiple layers.

Graded readers may be adaptions of well-known books or completely new stories. Learning German through stories is one of the most enjoyable and efficient ways of improving your German skills. Language students who read a lot also write and understand better than those who just work with textbooks. You’ll pick up new vocabulary without even noticing it and quickly boost your language skills.

What you can find here:


Graded Readers for the levels A1 - B2. Available on Amazon or for download here on the website. Choose among paperbacks, kindle ebooks, PDF files or audio books.

Short Stories & Texts

Different kind of texts with vocabulary help are published regularly on the website. Email subscriber receive one brandnew short story at the beginning of each month.


Find out how to improve your German skills quickly and efficiently. Language-related articles written by experienced German teachers and language learners.

This is what our readers say:

Super! Not diffucult to read and to understand, with interesting and useful grammar and vocabulary exercises. A stimulating and effective way to improve our German! Absolutely recommended! Viel Spaß beim Lesen und Lernen!
This has been a great way to improve my reading skills. It’s hard to find many good graded readers! The vocabulary translations were very helpful. The level was just right for me (A2/B1) — just difficult enough that I could learn plenty of new vocabulary. Definitely recommend.
Jenny Kellett
from Australia
There are a lot of sections helping you understand the plot even though there may be many words which you don’t know. I love the plot and how the author described the characters and what happened between them—it reminds me of a stage play. I enjoyed the novel more by listening the audio and reading the summary in each chapter.
testimonial 3
Sherry Wu
from Taiwan

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Latest Book Release

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Ein Sommer in Heidelberg - B1

Improve your German with this compelling story about Linda from Germany and Arianna from Italy whose lives change drastically after Linda’s mother has an accident.

Learn German with Stories - Boost your language skills through reading

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