24 German Short Stories Vol 1

24 German Short Stories Vol I

German Short Stories for Intermediate Level B1
Available for Kindle and as a paperback

This book is the perfect choice for you if you’d rather like to read short stories than novels. It consists of 6 stories for each language level (A1.2 – B2) and is therefore suitable for beginners and intermediate students.The vocabulary lists German-English will make it easy for you to understand the stories. 

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24 German Short Stories Vol. I

“24 German Short Stories” includes ten short stories I sent to my newsletter subscribers in 2021 and which are no longer available anywhere else, three short stories I published on the website and eleven completely new short stories. There are six stories for each level, A1, A2, B1 and B2.

The A1 stories target students who already have a basic knowledge of German and include comprehensive vocabulary lists. That makes them easy to understand for beginners while intermediate students can simply ignore the vocabulary help and just enjoy the content. 

The six A2 stories are longer and a bit more complicated as far as vocabulary and grammar are concerned but the stories they tell are mainly  about everyday life and therefore easy to understand. 

Starting with B1, you’ll be exposed to stories of different genres such as stories with historical backgrounds, fantasy and science fiction. Well, A1 actually has a very easy science fiction story, too. 

When writing the B1/B2 stories, I often wished I could continue and turn them into novels. It may happen with some of them in the future. For now, I just hope that you will enjoy reading this compilation of short stories. 

Additional Articles & Materials

The following three stories are available on the website (all for beginners A1/A2):  

  1. Die neuen Nachbarn
  2.  Erzähl mir von früher 
  3. Verschwunden im Möbelgeschäft

A PDF with short summaries of all stories can be downloaded here. 

A workbook with comprehension, listening, grammar and vocabulary exercises will be available in March (if things go as planned). 

24 German Short Stories

BUNDLE PDF + Downloadable Audios

Do you prefer to get the 24 Short Stories as a PDF ebook with downloadable mp3 files? You’re lucky, the bundle is now available in our shop: 

There’s also the option to purchase just the downloadable mp3 files or just the PDF ebook.

Audio Recordings

The audios were recorded by Daniela Kraus, Gabriele Jäschke and Daniela Fries.