Carla will nach Deutschland German Short Stories A1

Carla will nach Deutschland

German Short Stories for Beginners A1
Available for Kindle and as a paperback

Easy-to-understand texts introduce you to Carla and her family and will help you to improve you reading skills even if you’ve just started to study German. The difficulty increases gradually while you progress with the book. Challenging but never overwhelming as each chapter is accompanied by key vocabulary German – English and grammar explanations.

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Carla will nach Deutschland

Carla is a young woman from Portugal who is learning German and plans to go to Germany and find herself a summer job. In 20 short and easy-to-understand texts, you will get to know Carla, her parents Monica and Marcelo, her brother Thiago, her best friend Fernanda and her language exchange partner Susanne. You will learn about their everyday lives and activities. While reading, you’ll pick up new and relevant vocabulary and grammatical structures quickly and are encouraged to use them referring to your own life.

“Carla will nach Deutschland” is the first book of the “Carla aus Portugal” series. The follow-up books will be available within the next couple of months:

  1. Jobsuche in München (German Short Stories for Beginners A2)
  2. Ein unvergesslicher Urlaub (German Short Stories Intermediate Level B1)
  3. Pannen und Missgeschicke (German Short Stories Intermediate Level B2)

While “Carla will in Deutschland” consists of 20 short texts which can be read independently from each other and come with grammar explanations and exercises, the follow-up books have a coherent storyline and focus on vocabulary building.


  1. Carla aus Portugal
  2. Samstagmorgen beim Frühstück
  3. Carlas Tagesablauf
  4. Carla spricht mit ihrer Freundin
  5. Carla und Fernanda im Café
  6. Monica und Carla gehen einkaufne
  7. Marcelo bei der Arbeit
  8. Monica telefoniert mit ihrer Freundin
  9. Carla skypt mit Susanne
  10. Carla fährt in die Stadt
  11.  Familie Santos macht einen Ausflug
  12. Thiagos Schultag
  13. Nichts funktioniert
  14. Monica ist krank
  15. Monica geht zum Arzt
  16. Wie ist das Wetter in München?
  17. Familie Santos macht Sport
  18. Abschied von Carla
  19. Carla in Lissabon
  20. Von Portugal nach Deutschland

Grammar covered

  • Prepositions and their cases
  • Personal and possessive pronouns
  • Verbs and their conjugations
  • Separable verbs
  • Modal verbs
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Position 0 words
  • Future tense
  • Using “da” and “wo” with prepositions
  • Nominalisation of verbs
  • Present Perfect
  • Accusative pronouns
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Genitive case
  • Infinitive with “zu” and “um …. zu”
  • Subordinate clauses
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • Differences among “wenn”, “wann” and “als”
  • Difference between “können” and “wissen”
  • Relative clauses

Audio example

Audios are available for free on a password-protected page of our website. You’ll find the password in the book. All audio were  recorded by Vanessa Leimer.


Chapter 4 “Carla spricht mit ihrer Freundin” is available for free on our website. Click here to read it.

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