What is an affiliate program?

Have you ever purchased a great product and then recommended it to a friend who told you one week later that he or she also bought it? What if you had earned some money with your recommendation? Wouldn’t be that great? Well, that’s exactly how affiliate programs work. You recommend a product you like and receive a commission if someone buys it. The commission is either a percentage or a fixed amount. You choose the products you would like to recommend and receive a personalized link that you can share with friends, on social media or with your email subscribers. If one of them clicks on the link and buys the product, you get your commission. Well, you don’t get it immediately. On most affiliate platforms, you can only request a payout once you’ve earned a certain amount of money. This threshold can be as low as US$ 10, though. 

Become an affiliate of "Learn German with Stories" with Digistore24

Digistore24 is one of the largest affiliate networks in Europe and also available in the United States and elsewhere in the world. We sell our products through Digistore24 and you can become an affiliate, no matter whether you already have a Digistore24 account or not. Here’s some more information about promolinks and content links on Digistore24:  Promolink and content link – For affiliates

If you like our products and would like to recommend them to friends and other people you know, you will get 50% of all profits if someone buys something using the unique link that Digistore24 will give you. With some exceptions, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. Digistore24 accepts affiliates from most countries. 

Informationen für Deutschlehrer und Sprachschulen

Möchten Sie unsere Produkte für Ihren Unterricht nutzen? Oder fragen Ihre Schüler nach Lesestoff auf Deutsch und Sie möchten unsere Produkte empfehlen? Durch unser Affiliate-Programm bekommen Sie nicht nur interessante und hilfreiche Materialien für Ihre Schüler und Ihren Unterricht, sondern können sogar Geld damit verdienen. Falls Sie unsere Produkte noch nicht kennen und sie sich erst anschauen möchten, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte und fordern Sie Probeexemplare an. Sie können maximal zwei Bücher und ein Magazin als Probeexemplare bekommen. Wir schicken Ihnen dann die entsprechenden PDFs sowie die Audio-Aufnahmen der ersten drei Kapitel bzw Texte.