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German as a foreign language

  • Being able to read a book in a foreign language is a great feeling.
  • Language is culture and by reading German short stories and novels that are suited for your level, you will dive into a new culture.
  • Learning a foreign language with stories is effective and fun.

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German stories for beginners

You can start reading in German even as a beginner. Books with short texts and simple grammar and sentence structures will give you an enjoyable reading experience and allow you to learn the language in a brain-friendly way by being exposed to natural language from day one.

German stories for intermediate learners

At the intermediate level, you already understand enough German to read short stories or novels with easy-to-follow storylines and can enhance your vocabulary and grammar effortlessly by just reading.

Carla will nach Deutschland German Short Stories A1

Beginner Level A1

Start learning German from scratch and meet Carla, a 20-year old girl from Portugal who plans to spend a couple of months in Germany to improve her German and look for a summer job.

In 20 short chapters, you’ll learn about Carla’s family, her daily routines and some special events. Easy-to-read texts and dialogues will quickly give you a feeling for the language. Each chapter is rounded off by a vocabulary list, a set of comprehension questions and some grammar explanations with exercises. Audio recordings are available for free. 

Jobsuche in München Graded Reader A2

Beginner Level A2

Improve your German with the continuation of “Carla will in Deutschland” (having read “Carla will nach Deutschland” before is not necessary). Accompany Carla while she’s looking for a room and a job in Munich, finds new friends and falls in love. 

 Each chapter is rounded off by a vocabulary list, a set of comprehension questions, vocabulary and grammar exercises. Audio recordings are available for free. 

German short stories for intermediate level

Intermediate Level B1

“Ein unvergesslicher Urlaub” is the continuation of “Carla will nach Deutschland” and “Jobsuche in München” but can be read without knowledge of the previous book. Read how Carla and her boyfriend Henrik travel to the German coast and help to solve a crime.

 Each chapter is rounded off by a German-English vocabulary list and a set of comprehension questions. Audio recordings are available on our website.  

Ein Sommer in Heidelberg Graded Reader German B1

Intermediate Level B1

Improve your German with this compelling story about Linda from Germany and Arianna from Italy whose lives change drastically after Linda’s mother has an accident.

An easy-to-follow plot and key vocabulary lists make this book a good choice for learners of German who have reached B1 sufficiency. Short summaries and comprehension questions at the end of each chapter help you understand the content. Audio Recordings are available for free.

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