Umzug nach Berlin

A novel for intermediate students of German

This book consists of 16 chapters that form a consistent and captivating story. German-English vocabulary on each page will help you to grasp the content quickly. Each chapter is followed by comprehension questions to make sure you understood the content well and the audio recordings will boost your listening comprehension skills.

Umzug nach Berlin B2

After their adventure at the German Baltic Sea coast, the Portuguese girl Carla and her Norwegian boyfriend Henrik move to Berlin. While Henrik starts to start a master’s and loves his life in the German capital, Carla is encountering problems and realizes that important decisions about her private and professional future will be inevitable. 

5 reasons to buy "Umzug nach Berlin"

If you are learning German as a foreign language, you need to read books adapted to your level. And, if you can listen to them recorded by a German native speaker, you will both enjoy and learn more. That is why our books are the best tool to improve you German: 

  1. Text in German with English vocabulary (so that you enjoy reading)
  2. With comprehension question after each chapter (to encourage you to review the content)
  3. Created specifically for B2 students who are keen to read a real novel
  4. Focus on the acquisition of colloquial and idiomatic expression (to make you sound more natural)
  5. You can listen or read or do a combination of both

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Umzug nach Berlin

PDF with 110 pages + 17 mp3 files (more than 2 hours of audio)

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The audios were recorded by Daniela Kraus.

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