Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep up the motivation and study regularly. With our German challenges, we offer you the unique chance to boost your language skills within two weeks.

Our next challenge is for beginners (A1.2/A2) and will start on February 14, 2022. Subscribe now or find more detailed information below.

How will the challenge work?

The challenge lasts two weeks. After joining, you will receive an mail with an overview and a printable study plan. We offer four challenges per year, starting in mid-February, mid-May, mid-August and mid-November. Once the challenge starts, you will receive one email per day with instructions and materials (PDF and mp3 files). 

The first week focuses on reading comprehension and the second week on listening comprehension. Grammar and vocabulary exercises are included. 

The challenge is self-study, so there won’t be any interaction with a teacher. 

Which level of German do I need to participate?

You need to have a basic level of German (A1.1) to benefit from the challenge. It’s not suitable for complete beginners who would like to learn German from scratch. We offer four challenges per year, two for beginners (February and August) and two for intermediate students (May and November).

How much time is required to complete the challenge successfully?

It’s the aim of the challenge to show you that you can improve your language skills significantly by setting aside a small amount of time every day and study with focus. To complete the challenge successfully, you will need about 20 minutes per day, including the weekends. 

Can I take part in several challenges?

Yes, you can. We even encourage you to do because every challenge has different topics and materials. But you have to subscribe to every new challenge. Participating in one challenge does not mean that you will automatically receive the materials of the next challenge. If you don’t want to miss the next challenge, please subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll be notified. 

Does it cost anything?

That’s the best part about it. Our German Challenge it totally free. You just invest your time, about 20 minutes per day. 

Sounds great. How can I join?

The next challenge takes place from February 14 – 27, 2022. It is for people with a A1.2/A2 level of German. You can join at any time before February 14 and will then receive daily instructions and materials for two weeks. 

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