Ein Sommer in Heidelberg

Ein Sommer in Heidelberg

German Short Stories for Intermediate Level B1
Available for Kindle and as a paperback

An engaging but easy-to-follow storyline lets you take part in the lives of a group of young people who meet at Anna’s café in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. Follow along how their lives changes drastically after Anna suffers from a accident. Key vocabulary is printed in bold and translated to English and will make it easy for you to understand the story. Each chapter is followed by comprehension questions and exercises. Audio recordings are available for free on a password-protected page here on the website (access information in the book). 

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Ein Sommer in Heidelberg

Improve your German with this compelling story about Linda from Germany and Arianna from Italy whose lives change drastically after Linda’s mother has an accident. Read about their adventures and life decisions on 145 pages and acquire new words and expressions in a fun and effective way. Natural dialogues will expose you to colloquial German as it’s used by native speakers in everyday situations but also to some business German.


  1. Der Unfall
  2. Im Krankenhaus
  3. Frankfurt
  4. Anna kommt nach Hause
  5. Sommerjob gesucht
  6. Neue Begegnungen
  7. Streit in Frankfurt
  8. Linda und Manuel
  9. Ein Streit mit Folgen
  10. Bei der Polizei
  11. Lösungen
  12. Abschiede und Aufbrüche

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Audio Example

Audios are available for free on a password-protected page on our website. You’ll find the access information in the book. All audios were recorded by a native German speaker with a clear and neutral standard German accent.

Excerpt & Behind the Scenes

Chapter 1 “Der Unfall” ist available for free on our website, including all vocabulary, comprehension questions, exercises and audio recording. Click here to read it. 

There’s also a bilingual “Behind the Scenes” article on the blog which tells you a little about the coming into being of the book.

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