German materials for beginner and intermediate learners

Free German stories, texts & audio recordings

Boost your German reading and listening skills now! Short stories, texts about German culture, history and geography, all with audio recordings in professional quality. You’re welcome to download and use all our free content before deciding to move on to our books and magazines.

On this page, you’ll find all the resources you can use to improve your German totally free of charge. 

Download sample chapters from our books as PDF files and listen to the audio. That way, you can easily decide if the level is right for you and if you like the story before you make a purchase. 

Here you find short stories of different genres with audios. They are suitable for advanced beginners and intermediate students (A2-B2). You can download them as PDF files and listen to the audio on the website. 

This section provides you with typical dialogues in common situations that you’re likely to find yourself in either as a tourist when visiting a German-speaking country or as an immigrant. Or they take place in German families or between friends. 

Do you want to know about German culture, customs, history and geography or meet foreigners who live in the German speaking countries? Then, this section is perfect for you. All texts come with English-German vocabulary lists to help you understand the content quickly. 

Are you struggling with German grammar and are looking for explanations and exercises based on interesting stories, texts and dialogues? Then, this section will help you. 

Grammar is important but without words, you won’t be able to have a conversation. Therefore, you’ll find texts, stories and dialogues dedicated to certain groups of vocabulary here, in combination with examples and quizzes. 

You don't like to study online?

That’s all right. I also prefer to have my materials on my computer and be able to access them whenever and wherever I want. Therefore, I’ve created a subscriber library. That’s a Google Drive folder where you will find all the free materials from this website neatly organized as downloadable PDF and mp3 files. Sounds good? I hope so! And it’s easy to get access. All you have to do is to sign up for the Learn German with Stories newsletter and in addition to your access to the subscriber library, you’ll also receive brand-new short stories earlier than others and discounts on all new books and magazines. Fill in the form below, click “Submit” and you’re all set to take your German learning to a new level. I’m looking forward to welcoming you on the other side :-). 

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