German with short stories by Olly Richards

German Short Stories and conversation books by Olly Richards

If you’re a bit familiar with the world of language learning and well-known polyglots, you’ve probably come across the name of Olly Richards or you know his website I will teach you a language.  Olly is a Brit who speaks eight languages fluently and has developed the StoryLearning® Method. He has published his story books in 20 languages so far. Being a German native speaker, I haven’t read the German editions. However, the stories are the same for all languages and I’ve read them in Italian. I’ve loved all the books and am sure that you’ll enjoy the German versions. At the moment, there’s a book with eight short stories for beginners and two books with conversations for beginners and intermediate learners available. The short stories for the intermediate level will be published in March/April 2021. Once the book is available, I’ll add it here. 

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Short Stories in German for Beginners

This book is suitable for the A2 level. It contains eight short stories of a genres as varied as history, thrillers or science fiction. As a result, you’ll learn a wide range of vocabulary of different contexts. The book is available for kindle, as a paperback and as an audio book. 

101 Conversations in Simple German

The title is actually a bit misleading. Yes, there are 101 conversations but they are related and tell a story, so it’s basically a novel consisting mainly of dialogues. The story itself is about the theft of some valuable paintings and how two young women manage to find and convict the thief. 

101 Conversations in Intermediate German

If you liked the 101 Conversations in Simple German, don’t miss this second “101 Conversations” book which targets intermediate learners. The language and grammar used is more difficult but the method the same and absolutely enjoyable. I’ve just purchased the Italian version. 

For more graded readers in German, please have a look at our own books or check the “Dino lernt Deutsch” series written and published by André Klein. Have fun reading in German!

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Are you a German teacher or author who has published their own book?

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