German Challenge for Beginners February 2022

This challenge ended. It had 89 participants. Thanks to everyone!

German Challenge for Beginners - February 2022

Have you recently started to learn German and feel a bit stuck or think you are losing motivation? Or would you just like to spend two weeks studying German with a bit of guidance but without having to invest a lot of time? 

Our first German challenge for beginners starts on February 14, 2022, will last for two weeks and is totally free. All you have to do is sign up here:

So what is the challenge about?

The challenge will last from February 14-27, 2022. You will receive daily emails with materials and instructions. The first week will focus on reading comprehension and the second week on listening comprehension. So on day 1, you will receive a text with a vocabulary list. During the course of the week, you will get vocabulary and grammar exercises related to that text. The topic of week 1 is the life of a young Austrian guy who studies and works in Vienna. 

On day 8, you will receive an audio file (mp3) and the week will continue with comprehension, vocabulary and grammar exercises related to that audio. Both weeks end with an optional incentive to put in practice what you learnt. The topic of week 2 will be language learning. 

What are the technical requirements?

You will receive emails with links to the materials (PDF and mp3 files). Please note that all files are stored on a Google Drive. If you live in a country where Google is blocked, you will need to use an VPN (Virtual Private Network) or you won’t be able to download your materials. 

What level of German is required to do the challenge?

This challenge works best for people with a A1.2/A2.1 level of German. However, if you’ve just recently started to learn the language, you’re welcome to give it a try. You will probably need longer to complete all the tasks because you will encounter more unknown vocabulary and grammar. 

If your level is already A2.2/B1.1, you’re also welcome to participate. You may find it a bit easy but it’s never bad to review some vocabulary and grammar. Or you wait until May when Learn German with Stories will run a similar challenge for intermediate students. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so that you won’t miss it. 

I'd love to do the challenge but I'll be too busy in February

The challenge will only take about 15-20 minutes of your time every day. However, you can join, save the emails and do the challenge at your own pace and at a time that is more convenient for you. But I recommend that you try to do the challenge from February 14-27. Receiving a daily email, read it and immediately sit down and do your tasks is your best bet to finish the challenge successfully. 

Join now!

Don’t hesitate and sign up now. You will immediately get access to your study plan and can start looking forward to the challenge and to boosting your German skills. 

Daniela is a native German speaker who has taught the language online since 2012. She speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and some Hungarian. Currently, she's residing in Peru but maintains a traveling lifestyle as a digital nomad. In March 2020, she published her first book "Deutsch online unterrichten" for aspiring online German teachers and is now concentrating on writing fiction for German learners while pursuing some other small projects.

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