Karina hat eine Mission

A graded reader for advanced beginners and low intermediate students

This book is perfect for people who have reached an A2 level of German and either wish to take a break from their textbook or online course or are looking for additional materials that are enjoyable and effective. Accompany Karina on her journey through East Germany and boost your language skills and cultural knowledge while reading a captivating story!

Karina hat eine Mission

What is the story about?

Karina Hansen, a young biologist from Munich, is the main character of this story. Her parents tragically die in a car accident, and she discovers that her father has another child, her half-brother Benjamin. He was born in the former German Democratic Republic where Karina’s father came from but never returned to after he moved to Munich and met Karina’s mother. Karina sets off to find Benjamin, meets a handsome Italian, visits some beautiful places in East Germany and discovers pleasant and not-so-pleasant facts about her and Benjamin’s family.

“Karina hat eine Mission” consists of 23 relatively short chapters. Each chapter is accompanied by a vocabulary list German-English, cultural insights, language tips, an audio recording in mp3 format and a translation exercise. 

7 reasons to buy "Karina hat eine Mission"

If you are learning German as a foreign language, you need to read books adapted to your level. And, if you can listen to them recorded by a German native speaker, you will both enjoy and learn more. That is why our books are the best tool to improve you German: 

  1. Text in German with English vocabulary (so that you enjoy reading).
  2. Created specifically for beginner and intermediate students who are keen to read a real novel.
  3. You can listen or read or do a combination of both.
  4. Comprehension Questions make sure that you understood the content of each chapter
  5. Cultural insights help you to learn more about the history and culture of Germany
  6. Language tips to help you understand specific grammar and use of vocabulary
  7. Translation exercises help you understand the differences between English and German

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Karina hat eine Mission

PDF ebook + 23 mp3 files

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Here's what readers say:

The book is very good, for a number of reasons. 1. It’s such a great story in itself. The characters really lead you in to the plot. I read it all again in one go just to enjoy the story. I even created a family tree! 2. I really like the English-to German translation exercise for the summary at the end of each chapter. It’s a great addition to what Daniela has done before. What’s great also is that anyone who doesn’t want to do their translation can simply read the summary in German. 3. There is lots of useful information on places in the former DDR. 4. I really like the grammar tips at the end of each chapter. Even phrases such as ’stimmt so’ in a restaurant are so handy to know. There is so much helpful learning throughout the book - like a textbook, almost! In my German learning, I have just finished level B1, going on to B2 this term, and I found the level at which the book is set to be good for me, being not too difficult at all. Overall, it’s great and I really enjoyed it for its own sake and also for my own learning of German.
Colin Sutherland
United Kingdom
I have been following Daniela and her books from nearly the beginning, and her books keep getting better. What is special about them? So, I love reading stories in German, it really helps me grasp the language. Daniela adds many extra special bonus' to her stories at the end of each chapter; there is something for every learning style, and if you do not feel like doing the exercises, the story is still worth reading along with the insights, and with all of the vocabulary built right in, it's perfect to learn, and strengthen your German. There is no flipping to the end of the chapter to look for the word definitions, it's on the same or next page! Perfect! I also really enjoy the context and cultural insights she adds to each chapter. I have learnt so much, from just this one book, that I have been wondering about for a year or more. You will not regret your purchase. Will buy more in the future! Daniela, keep writing more fantastic books! Danke!
Denise Bickford

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