Access to the subscriber library

Once again a huge thanks for your interest in the German language and the “Learn German with Stories” learning materials. I started the subscriber library in July 2022 and new content is added regularly. The library is a Google folder with 5 sub-folders. I’m aware that Google is blocked in some countries but for the moment being, it’s the easiest way for me to give you access to the materials in an organized way, so please consider using a VPN (virtual private network) if you live in a country where Google is blocked. 

What to expect and how the materials are organised

At this moment (July 2022), there aren’t many materials yet. I plan to add every German blog post as a PDF and mp3 files and many stories and texts will have grammar and vocabulary exercises you won’t find on the website. All materials can be downloaded which means that you don’t need to be online when you work with them. Please respect the copyright but you’re welcome to share the PDFs with your teacher or tutor if you would like to use the materials in a lesson. 

The library has 5 sub-folders:  

  1. German texts and dialogues
  2. Grammar
  3. Sample Chapters
  4. Short Stories
  5. Vocabulary

With the exception of the files in the “Sample chapter” folder (where you will find sample chapters from my books), all file names start with the level the PDF is suitable for (A1, A2, B1, B2, according to the European Framework of Languages). You are always welcome to challenge yourself and try something that is still a bit difficult for you or you may want to review a grammar topic that you learned a while ago but still struggle with. 

I sincerely hope that you like the materials and am confident that they will help you to improve your German. In the next couple of days, you can expect some emails with more information about the “Learn German with Stories” project and useful tips for your language learning journey.