Learn German with Stories - Das Magazin

Learn German with Stories - Das Magazin

Our magazines have been published since April 2022 and are available as a PDF ebook, as a paperback and for your Kindle device. Audio recordings in mp3 format are available for free as part of your PDF bundle or can be downloaded on our website (information in the book)

New issues are available three times a year.

Why should I read the magazine?

  1. Vocabulary: Reading texts that are appropriate for your level will help you learn and practice new vocabulary words in context. You’ll encounter words that are similar to what you’ve already learned, which will help reinforce your understanding and build your vocabulary gradually.
  2. Confidence: Reading texts that you can understand and enjoy will help build your confidence in your language abilities. As you progress, you can gradually move on to more challenging texts, which will help you continue to grow and improve.
  3. Interest: When you read texts that are interesting and relevant to your personal interests, you are more likely to stay engaged and motivated to continue learning. Adapted texts can help you find material that’s both enjoyable and educational.

Learn German with Stories - Das Magazin

Sample Pages:

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Magazin Nr. 1 - April 2022

Learn German with Stories - Das Magazin

Magazin Nr. 2 - Juli 2022

Magazin Nr. 3 - Oktober 2022

Magazin Nr. 4 - Februar 2023

Magazin 4

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