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Please only sign up for our newsletter if you’re truly interested in learning German and if you think that Learn German with Stories can help you to achieve your language learning goals!  Why am I saying it? Well, it’s simple: Email marketing service providers (that’s the app that helps to send emails to big groups of people) charge for their services. The more people there are on an email list, the more they charge. That’s fine when all these people are looking forward to their emails, open them, click on links and download stuff. Well, we all sign up for newsletters and then forget why and never open the emails. That’s normal but it costs the website owner money. So that’s why I’d like you to think twice before you sign up for this newsletter. Danke :-). 

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If you read the paragraph above and continue reading here, I suppose that you are indeed interested :-). So why should you sign up for our newsletter?


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The sample issue includes short texts about pets, a text about a Russian engineer who lives and works in Germany and a short story about an unusual friendship. You will get a PDF and mp3 files for each text. 

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