learn german with stories

Start learning German with stories.

Graded readers are books for language learners, either a selection of short stories or a novel. They are written with a limited grammatical and lexical complexity and avoid too many different characters and a plot which consists of multiple layers.

Graded readers may be adaptions of well-known books or completely new stories. Learning German through stories is one of the most enjoyable and efficient ways of improving your German skills. Language students who read a lot also write and understand better than those who just work with textbooks. You’ll pick up new vocabulary without even noticing it and quickly boost your language skills.

Ein Sommer in Heidelberg Graded Reader German B1

Improve your German with this compelling story about Linda from Germany and Arianna from Italy whose lives change drastically after Linda’s mother has an accident.

An easy-to-follow plot and key vocabulary lists make this book a good choice for learners of German who have reached B1 sufficiency. Short summaries and comprehension questions at the end of each chapter help you understand the content. In addition, every chapter is rounded off by a short section of grammar and vocabulary in use.

Graded Reader German A1

Start learning German from scratch and meet Carla, a 20-year old girl from Portugal who plans to spend a couple of months in Germany.

In 20 short chapters, you’ll learn about Carla’s family, her daily routines and some special events. Easy-to-read texts and dialogues will quickly give you a feeling for the language. Each chapter is rounded off by a vocabulary list, a set of comprehension questions and some grammar explanations with exercises.

Available in March 2021

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Short Story German

In 1872, a 16-years old boy meets a mysterious stranger at the port of Hamburg who takes him on a trip to a distant future. Twenty years later, this encounter helps him to save his family. 

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