24 German Short Stories Vol. 1 – PDF + Downloadable mp3 files


24 German Short Stories for Beginners and Intermediate Students

Bundle with PDF ebook and mp3 files.

Total download size: 274 MB

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PDF ebook with 130 pages + 24 mp3 files

You will need to download two ZIP files with the audio recordings. They have a size of 107MB and 164MB so please make sure to have a fast and stable internet connection when you start the download. 

From simple and easy-to-read stories for beginners to fantasy, historical and science fiction for intermediate students!

Are you looking for interesting and original short stories in German? You’ve come to the right place.

This book contains 24 short stories written completely in German and with vocabulary German-English to help you understand the texts quickly.

If you’re still a beginner, you can start with the first stories and then continue once you’ve progressed with your German.

For intermediate students, the first half of the book will be easy to read while the second half lets you experience stories of various genres such as fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary settings or science fiction.

Many stories will give you insights into German culture and history.

Get your copy now and enjoy reading in German.

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