Carla will nach Deutschland – PDF + Downloadable mp3 files


Graded Reader with vocabulary German-English

Bundle PDF eBook + mp3 files 

Total download size: 74 MB

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PDF ebook with 110 pages + 20 mp3 files

You will need to download a ZIP file with the audio recordings. It has a size of 72 MB, so please make sure to have a fast and stable internet connection when you start the download

Meet Carla, a young woman from Portugal who studies German and plans to look for a summer job in Munich.

  • 20 engaging and interesting short stories
  • Key vocabulary German – English
  • Comprehension questions
  • Grammar explanations with exercises
  • Further questions encourage you to apply the newly acquired grammar and vocabulary talking about yourself

Why is this book different?

All texts are connected and are talking about the same people. They do things and have experiences that you know from your own life. For our brain, it’s easier to remember content we can relate to. When you start to learn a new language, you’re not yet able to follow complicated storylines but you don’t want to work with boring textbooks, either.

“Carla will nach Deutschland” combines the best of both worlds. The stories are interesting to read and challenging enough to keep your brain working without feeling overwhelmed.

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