Ein Sommer in Heidelberg


A short novel for intermediate students of German (B1)

Bundle PDF Ebook + downloadable mp3 files

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PDF ebook with 99 pages + 14 mp3 files

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The lives of a young German marketing specialist, an Italian graduate student, and a Spanish programmer take unexpected turns after they accidentally meet at a café in the beautiful city of Heidelberg.

  • An engaging but easy-to-follow storyline makes the book a perfect experience for intermediate students who are just starting to read longer texts in German. 
  • 12 chapters with key vocabulary German – English on each page
  • Short summaries, comprehension questions, vocabulary and grammar exercises at the end of each chapter

Throughout the book, you will find cultural hints about life in Germany that will help you to become familiar with German habits.

The story combines colloquial language used in natural dialogues with some business German and slightly formal expressions.

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