24 German Short Stories Vol. 1

Short Stories for beginner and intermediate students

You already speak some German but don’t want to read novels? Or you are looking for something that will accompany you for quite a while? Then, this book is the right choice for you. It has six interesting short stories for each level (A1, A2, B1, B2) and from genres as varied as history, science fiction,  fantasy or contemporary literature.

What are the stories about?

1. Der erste Tag in der Sprachschule (A1): A Chinese girl comes to Heidelberg for a language course and you will read about her first day.

2. Urlaub in Peru (A1): A German girl tells you about her vacation in Peru. 

3. Verschwunden im Möbelgeschäft (A1): A young couple is looking for new furniture at IKEA when their son suddenly disappears.

4. Lena (A1): An old woman from the north of Germany tells about her life and her family

5. Was hast du am Wochenende gemacht? (A1): Two colleagues meet at the office on Monday morning and tell each other how they spent their weekends. 

6. Training für Hugo (A1): We are  in the 23rd century and a robot needs to be trained to become a good new family member. 

7. Die neuen Nachbarn (A2): A German family gets new neighbours from India and makes friends with them.

8. Die Brieftasche (A2): The loss of a wallet results in an interesting meeting. 

9. Erzähl mir von früher (A2): Sarah is excited when her great-grandmother tells her about her childhood in a village. 

10. Interview mit Rebekka (A2): A Jewish woman is interviewed and tells how she and her sister survived the Holocaust. 

11. Die Blumenverkäuferin (A2): A man buys a bunch of tulips every Saturday and the vendor wonders about the receiver of the flowers. 

12. Marco läuft weg (A2): Marco hates school and runs away from home to become a musician in Hamburg. 

13. Begegnung in Marrakesch (B1): A teenage girl from Germany meets a very special cat in Morocco. 

14. Die Osterüberraschung (B1): A surprise trip to the island of Rügen reveals a fascinating story. 

15. Der Unfall (B1): Martin becomes unconscious after an accident with his bike and finds himself in weird circumstances when he awakes. 

16. Begegnung mit Goethe (B1): A semi-real story of how Germany’s most famous poet and his future wife Christiane met. 

17. Weihnachtsbesuch (B1):  Two busy grown-up children and their parents meet for Christmas. 

18. Vampiraffären (B1): A group of vampires meet and discuss who should have the honor to became one of their kind. 

19. Ein nicht ganz gewöhnlicher Tag (B2): Kirsten’s day is full of disasters and ends with a surprise. 

20. Mischa (B2): Mischa sneeks into a house when he is looking for food and shelter. 

21. Ein Koffer aus Argentinien (B2):  Manuels grandmothers dies and leave him a suitcase with things from Argentina. 

22. Die Hexe von Bamberg (B2):  In the 17th century, the healer and midwife Helene is accused to be a witch. 

23. Ein ungewöhnlicher Dieb (B2): A detective from Frankfurt has to deal with an unusual series of burglaries. 

24. Reset (B2): Earth is becoming inhabitable and a group of scientists has a crazy plan to save humanity. 

3 reasons to buy "24 German Short Stories"

If you are learning German as a foreign language, you need to read books adapted to your level. And, if you can listen to them recorded by a German native speaker, you will both enjoy and learn more. That is why our books are the best tool to improve you German: 

  1. Text in German with English vocabulary (so that you enjoy reading).
  2. Created specifically for beginner and intermediate students who are keen to read a real novel.
  3. You can listen or read or do a combination of both.

Get your copy now:

24 German Short Stories Vol. 1

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24 mp3 files (more than 200 minutes)

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The audios were recorded by three different native speakers of German. 

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