Free texts in German

Read our German texts for beginners and intermediate students and/or listen to the audio recordings to improve both your reading and listening comprehension. 

Learning a foreign language also means learning something about another country, its people, culture, history and geography. German is spoken in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Our texts come with vocabulary German-English and will help you to improve your German language skills and learn more about the German-speaking countries. 

German texts for beginner and intermediate students



Warten auf Weihnachten: Die Adventszeit In this text, you will learn about the "Adventszeit", the four weeks before Christmas. What ...
Belinda Reisebüro German A1

Belinda arbeitet im Reisebüro

Easy Text for Beginners - German A1 This short text is for beginners who recently started to learn German. It's ...
Verschwunden im Möbelgeschäft - A German short story for beginners

Ostern in Deutschland

This is a text for intermediate students and talks about Easter. The first part gives you some information about Christian ...
Ein- und Auswanderung

Ein- Und Auswanderung

Deutsche Texte B2 Ein- und Auswanderung In diesem Text findest du Informationen über die Einwanderung nach Deutschland und die Auswanderung ...
Valentinstag in Deutschland

Valentinstag in Deutschland

BEsondere Tage Valentinstag This is a text for intermediate students which gives you some information about origin of Valentine's Day ...
Texts in German

Texts in German: Ein Tag im Leben von Alina, Ärztin aus Rumänien

texts in German (B1) Alina, Ärztin aus Rumänien This is a text in German for the low intermediate level (B1) ...
Texts in German: Bharat aus Indien

Texts in German: Bharat, Programmierer aus Indien

texts in German (B1) Bharat, Programmierer aus Indien This is a text in German for the low intermediate level (B1) ...
Easy texts German A2

Easy texts in German – Früher und heute

Are you looking for easy texts in German? Below, you'll find two short texts with vocabulary German - English and ...
B2 Niveau Deutsch Alternative Lebensstile

Alternative Lebensstile

B1 Niveau Deutsch Alternative Lebensstile Im folgenden Artikel für das B1-Niveau Deutsch findest du fünf kurze Texte über Menschen, die ...
Deutsche Texte B2

Deutschland in der Nachkriegszeit

Deutsche Texte B2 Deutschland in der Nachkriegszeit If you're interested in history, you'll enjoy this text about post-1945 Germany. You'll ...

Easy texts in German – Leben auf dem Land

Two young people tell you why they prefer to live in the countryside. With vocabulary German - English and audio ...
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