Umzug nach Berlin B2 book for German learners

Umzug nach Berlin


An engaging German novel for intermediate students B2
Available for Kindle and as a paperback


After moving to Berlin with her boy-friend Henrik, Carla is facing more and more problems. Her relationship is on the edge and she is unsure about her future professional path. Will she find a solution and stay in Germany or will she return to Portugal?

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Umzug nach Berlin

Carla is a young woman from Portugal who moves to Munich to find a summer job and improve her German. She falls in love with a young guy from Norway and goes to the German Baltic Sea coast with him to do volunteer on the island of Rügen. After their vacation, the young couple moves to Berlin where Carla will have to make important decisions about her life and her relationship. While reading, you’ll pick up new and relevant vocabulary and grammatical structures quickly. “Umzug nach Berlin” focuses on idiomatic and colloquial expressions which will help you to make your German sound more natural. 

“Umzug nach Berlin” is the fourth and last book of the “Carla – Ein Portugiesin in Deutschland” series. Volume 1 “Carla will nach Deutschland” is for real beginners who have only recently started to learn German.  Volume 2 + 3, on the other hand, will be interesting to read for upper intermediate students, too. 

While “Carla will in Deutschland” consists of 20 short texts which can be read independently from each other and come with grammar explanations and exercises, the follow-up books have a coherent storyline and focus on vocabulary building. 

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